"Open Door" - a network of International Women's Associations

"Open Door" - a network of International Women's Associations

It is a non-political, non-religious, non-commercial association where membership is open to all nationalities. The idea of Open Door was started 1980 by Elisabeth Sammann from IWC Stockholm. During her travels abroad with her husband, a Rotarian, she was impressed by the hospitality of fellow Rotarians in foreign cities. Her goal was to start a similar project for members of International Women’s Associations in "opening their doors to each other" when visiting or moving to a place in another country. The main objectives of Open Door are to:

  • Provide contacts for a member from an affiliated Association moving to or visiting a town or city where a 'Sister Club' exists
  • Grant guest status at a monthly meeting when travelling to a country with an affiliated Club
  • Help and advise new Associations and Clubs where needed

We all know that the move to a foreign country can be difficult and daunting, but the contact with women in similar situations provided through International Women Clubs makes this strenuous time more enjoyable with meetings, varieties of activities and the forming of new friendships. At present time, there are over 68 International Women's Associations in 33 countries.

Chair Open Door Worldwide:
Marja van Loopik, International Women's Club The Hague

International coordinator of The International Club of Düsseldorf:
Barbara Haarmann